city wedding photographer turned beachy campfire girl

kevin works in a city with one road, no traffic lights, and one decent restaurant. knowing myself all too well, i avoided such a place for as long as possible. however, not seeing my husband every night or expecting him to make a 2 hour commute each evening are both unreasonable expectations. so when kevin told me he had to be in madagorda, tx last weekend i got myself motivated by planning a campfire on the beach with hot dogs (kosher of course.... pork = eww) and s'mores.

his house is right on the beach so i'm all "let's take a walk on the beach with bella!! we can go through that trail that's cut out through the brush behind your house!!" kevin, being the sensible one in the relationship says "eh, there are bugs and snakes back there. let's just drive down." me: "pssh! you baby! we're walking - it's right there! like 100 feet!"

half way through i'm nearly in tears - snakes, swams of mosquitos, and burrs caught in my flip flops and giving me splinters on the bottom of my feet. bella was being carried by kevin.... it might be the first time i was ever envious of my sweet little dog. needless to say, we walked all the way up the beach, around the brush, and down the street to get back to his house, 100 feet away.

all in all, the hot dogs and marshmallows hit the spot, bella had a beard full sand from all the fun sniffing she did in the seaweed, and we had this incredible view as we walked hand in hand down the beach. i'll be back again next tuesday and wednesday while he's working, and will stay clear of that deceiving pathway to sandy bliss.

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