pink... i mean fuchsia... velvet for boudoir photography

when we moved into the boudoir photography studio downtown, we went on the hunt for the perfect furniture. i'm a big fan of yellow - it's cheery and bright and makes me happy when i look at it. and as most of you know (from my constant complaining 2 months ago) we couldn't find a yellow velvet chair to save our lives. so kevin suggested fuchsia. oh yes - my husband is wonderful and has great style, so fuchsia in the studio was no problem for him.... although he doesn't let me call it pink. apparently pink is 'girlie', and fuchsia is 'cool'. whatev... it's pink to me.

our fuschia-pink chair arrived yesterday along with a few other things, and i finally feel moved into the studio! it's funky and edgy, and totally us.... now if only i could get kevin to hang those shelves i requested a month ago....

it's been awhile since i've done a bliss and BS blog. but to be honest, i just haven't had many complaints lately. life's been good... so i'm dedicating this blog to bliss only... adios B.S! ...for now, anyway. :)

J.Vallecorsa Photography - Charlotte photographers
tango - we've been taking dance lessons, and tango is just far too much fun. the dance of a lovers quarrel? i'm in!

weekends - thanks to the help of our fab new photo editor, steph, i have my weekends back! which means i get to spend them shooting weddings and boudoir, and hanging out with my husband - my fav two things.

boudoir clients - boudoir photography is just way too much fun for me. i love the clients, i love the frilly accessories and lingerie - i just love it!

fuchsia velvet... cuz pink velvet would be on the veto list, and yellow velvet does not exist

enjoy the weekend!!

J.Vallecorsa Photography - Charlotte boudoir photographers



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